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Even when, this new results for the investigation bring wisdom toward axioms out of just what it methods to be “dark-skinned” vs

“light-skinned,” it offers limitations. This new interview was retrospective and you may recollections played a significant character within the new levels mutual of the interviewees. Even if just what interviewees remember is very important toward definition it attribute in order to occurrences they experienced, brand new scientists can’t be clear on new veracity of these account. The new sex and you will racial label of head researcher who presented brand new interview possess influenced the findings. Top honors specialist (JC) is actually a light-skinned men exactly who lives in the newest North away from St. Lucia and you will users could have disclosed additional suggestions once they was questioned by the a person of the identical sex and surface shade identity given that themselves or from the somebody who lived-in this new exact same area (pick Liamputtong, 2008, 2013). Ergo, replications regarding the study using new member and you will researcher gender and you may epidermis-tone label coordinating within the interviews process are recommended. This type of replications you can expect to provide after that proof of the new precision of your conclusions and information regarding the new part off facial skin-tone and you may intercourse term inside the specialist and you will fellow member interactions for the St.

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